Bennett to directors of children's hospitals: “Get ready!”

 Bennett to directors of children's hospitals:

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet held a meeting with the directors of children's hospitals and urged them to prepare for the “flooding” – huge workload and overcrowded wards. This is reported by Ynet.

The head of government expressed concern that the actual number of infected people could be three times higher than the official figures – 150,000 people. According to Bennett, in 3-4 days the number of new cases of infection will reach 300,000 per day according to the principle of exponential growth.

The Prime Minister emphasized: “We cannot ignore what is happening abroad, so I ask you to prepare.”

Hospital directors assured Bennett that the situation was under control at the moment. According to doctors, the situation in Israel is different than in the world, and a small number of patients need hospitalization.

“We have health insurance funds and pediatric emergency departments that treat children and do not hospitalize them, unless there is a real need for it, which I think is great. But if there is a drastic change, the responsibility is on you. I have complete confidence in you,” Bennett said during an interview with directors of children's hospitals and children's hospital departments.

calmed down.”

“We tried to convey to him the feeling that the situation is under control,” the source said.

Recall that more than 48 thousands of new infections. At the same time, according to the coordinator of the fight against coronavirus, Professor Salman Zarka, most of those who need hospitalization are over 60 years old and have not received a booster vaccination.

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