Bennett: “These are going to be difficult weeks”

Bennett: & rdquo; These will be difficult weeks & rdquo;

At a press conference that evening, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said many words about the support of the population. Speaking about the economy, the prime minister said that it will remain as open as possible. In addition, for everyone who was forced into isolation, the salary will be calculated from the first day. A solution for entrepreneurs will also be found.

Bennett also reminded that the state finances three tests for students, and the family can also use the tests. He sympathized with the huge queues everywhere and said:

& ldquo; These will be difficult weeks, and we can handle it. Each of us must take responsibility – do not clump together unnecessarily. There is no room for panic or hysteria. Tsunami comes and goes. ”

Regarding his main political rival, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennett said:“ Whatever he does at this stage. nothing will surprise me. I saw a video in which he practically gnaws at the people's trust in the antigen. This is irresponsible and unpatriotic behavior, it is all sabotaging the work of the government during the campaign & rdquo ;.

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