Bennett said two British schoolchildren died from Omicron

Bennett said two British students died from Omicron

However, as it turned out later, no boys in England died because of Omicron. Moreover, no one else in the world has died from the new strain.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said today at the beginning of a government meeting that two high school students in the UK have recently died after contracting the Omicron strain. However, examination N12 showed that the incident did not take place at all, and a request to Bennett's office led to a similar conclusion. The official announcement, which appeared at the end of the Prime Minister's speech, also mentioned the British, so this is not an accidental mistake.

The Ministry of Health was quick to declare that the information relied on by the Prime Minister did not come from from them, and Bennett's rep replied, “ He meant Corona, not Omicron ''.

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