Bennett delivered a speech at the funeral of the former head of the High Court Miriam Naor

 Bennett gave a speech at the funeral of the former head of the High Court of Justice Miriam Naor

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet spoke at the funeral of Miriam Naor, the former head of the High Court. This was reported by the press service of the Prime Minister.

Speaking at the funeral, Bennett said, “In the 9th chapter of the Book of Kohelet it says, 'The words of the wise are taken with ease.' That is exactly what former Chief Justice Miriam Naor, Judge Naor, did when she was on the bench for decades.

Her words were wise and clear. And they were accepted with serenity. This calmness was manifested in her attitude towards the participants in the trial, in her modesty and love for people. She combined breadth of knowledge and tact, making her one of the most distinguished judges of our time.

Much has been said and more will be said about her as a lawyer, about her professionalism, about how highly her colleagues and those who happened to meet her, and about her important judicial decisions since she was appointed judge in she is only 32 years old.

But I would like to emphasize another side of Miriam's personality – her love for the state and the cause of Zionism, her commitment to the security of the country, the future of the State of Israel and maintaining the necessary balance between the various values ​​of Israeli society.

The last time we spoke was about two months ago, when Miriam presented me with the interim report of the State Commission of Inquiry into the Tragedy on Mount Meron, which she chairs.

I heard in her voice a genuine concern for the people, for the lives lost as a result of a terrible disaster, and for the need to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again. From her point of view, the commission and the report were not technical points. She really wanted to correct the shortcomings, which is why she was in such a hurry with the interim report. She said: “I ask you to act immediately and correct the shortcomings, for a report is a report, but there are realities and there are people.” She was really hurt because of the lost human lives and it was very important for her to prevent such a disaster from happening again.

She acted on the basis of her high mission. In her work on the commission, until the last moment, she showed great love for the State of Israel and equal attention to both large and small details. She showed efficiency and state attitude to business, which were her hallmarks.

Today we say goodbye to a highly meritorious judge whose phrase “judicial impartiality” seems to have been molded in her image. She served as an inspiration to many.

When Miriam was appointed as a Justice of the Magistrate's Court, she sought the advice of Judge Moshe Landau, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, where she interned as a young woman. And the advice he gave her, she always followed.

“A judge deals with many cases every day,” he said, “but he must remember that each of them should have the same significance for him as for each of the parties to the trial. It is always – as if one and only. A judge should not take his duties lightly because of the large number of cases he hears. He must consider each case in its entirety – exactly as the parties involved in the trial see it. “

This principle characterized Miriam Naor as a judge, and in this spirit she acted. People like her strengthen the Israeli society's trust in the legal system.

Dear members of the Naor family, may you be supported by the appreciation and great love that, as you can see, Miriam received throughout her life way. Her long legacy that will remain with us. A fragile woman, a man of great soul.

May Miriam Naor's memory be blessed"

*Photo: Kobe Gideon, GPO

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