Bennet at the site of the attack in Tel Aviv: “We will not let them defeat us”

 Bennet at Tel Aviv bombing site: 'We won't let them defeat us'

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited the Ilka bar on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, where a bloody terrorist attack took place last week. “Haruts Sheva” reports about it.

“I came here tonight to support the owner (of the bar) and the locals. A very serious incident took place here, people were killed here, people were injured here, good people. We will not let them, our enemies, destroy our lives. We will not let them defeat us. We will come back to life and fight at the same time in their places, in their bases, and with God's help we will win,” Bennett said during his visit. Omer Bar-Lev.

“Along with the terrible pain of losing life, this evening in a crowded pub, our great strength is obvious, looking ahead, knowing that even if we are offended, we will not be broken. We will live on, prosper and prosper. We will win,” he said.

Let us recall that a terrorist opened fire on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, killing three people and injuring a dozen more people.

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