Ben Shemen Youth Village: Education, discipline and skills for children

 Ben Shemen Youth Village: Education, discipline and skills for children

Ben Shemen Youth Village is enrolling for the new school year.

Do you want to give your children an excellent education, instill discipline and useful skills? Remember that children received the best education in educational institutions abroad, where they lived according to the schedule, studied and socialized in a pleasant atmosphere based on discipline and order.

In our time, when children are left to their own devices and spend almost around the clock with gadgets in their hands, many Israeli families make the right choice and send their children to youth villages that provide children with excellent living conditions and excellent education. One of such institutions is the Ben Shemen youth village, located in a picturesque place in the Ben Shemen forest near Jerusalem and inviting everyone to get an education in a warm, friendly atmosphere. In the village "Ben Shemen" children of doctors, nurses, programmers and other prestigious professions study, whose parents understand the importance of quality education. Einstein, where they study from 7th to 12th grade. No more than 500 people study at the school. The school is located in the green lawns of the village. Classes with a small number of students and location in nature are tools for quality and varied learning.

The school offers education in the main areas – agriculture, biology and ecology, social sciences (sociology and psychology), and additional professional electives – physical education and art.

 Ben Shemen Youth Village: education, discipline and skills for children

In the 2020-21 academic year, more than 90% of graduates received a full matriculation certificate (teudat-bagrut).

All students of the school study for 5 academic units (yechidot) in agriculture, general biology, botany and zoology, mathematics and English.

The school management is confident that striving for excellent results is the right path in life , therefore, the emphasis here is on the development of the personality of students throughout the learning process until graduation.

 Ben Shemen Youth Village: Education, discipline and skills for children

The school has a program of personal development and involvement in the life of society (itpathut ishit u-meuravut hevratit), which lasts 3 years in grades 10-12, and participation in which is a prerequisite for obtaining matriculation certificate.

The place of residence of students is a boarding school

Students of the youth village "Ben Shemen" live right there – in a boarding school (pnimiya). Schoolchildren live 3-4 people in a room, separately, depending on gender.

The boarding school's teaching staff takes care of all aspects of life for students, including creating conditions for studying, supporting the learning process and discipline. The staff is responsible for all aspects of the life of students in groups. According to students, life in the boarding school is comfortable and positive, and living together contributes to further socialization.

In their free time, students walk around the village together, can swim in the pool, sit in a group with a guitar in a designated place, chat with friends or do other activities that create a favorable social atmosphere in the village.

Junior High School Learning Center (Hativat Neurim)

The High School Learning Center is open after noon and provides support and assistance in school learning.

The Center constantly works with the school staff in order to find an exact individual approach to each student. The center employs part of the school's teachers, laboratory assistants (metargelim) and students who help in the development of subjects, establishing personal contact with students and equipping them with learning tools and strategies. /strong>

 Ben Shemen Youth Village : education, discipline and skills for children

At the service of students in the youth village “Ben Shemen” various clubs and events: a basketball academy, a music center, sports clubs, a program to prepare for the draft into the army for 12th grade students, the “Akharey” program; (“After”), a training program for the draft of students in grades 11-12 with the development of their fighting skills, dog training, horseback riding, etc.

Psychological Assistance Department (Yehida tipulite)

This department is responsible for the emotional status of students and their. It sets itself a number of goals that allow it to provide assistance in the emotional, social and educational spheres, in overcoming various difficulties and developing the abilities of students in a comfortable atmosphere.

The department employs highly professional and experienced specialists who are able to select individual forms of assistance to different students. They use different methods of help: individual and group psychotherapy, intervention at critical moments, support and support.

Practical work

 Ben Shemen Youth Village: Education, Discipline and Skills for Children

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Since the founding of the village by Dr. Lehmann, practical work has been one of the most important parts of the educational process. Through it, schoolchildren acquired agricultural professions, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

Working on the farm is an important learning tool: it helps to develop the right attitude to work and love for the land of Israel, forms the skills of teamwork and mutual assistance, favors the development of leadership and responsibility, love for the land, flora and fauna, and caring for the environment.

Students in grades 8-12 work on the land 5 hours a week. The Youth Village has given great importance to the attitude towards animals since the very beginning of the village.

Connecting with animals promotes empathy, self-responsibility and self-discipline, the ability to work in a team, reduces the level of violence, and allows learn the basics of ecology.

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