Ben Gvir – Shabtai: The Jews in Lod are under attack, and you help the Arabs

News » Arab-Israeli conflict Ben Gvir - Shabtai: The Jews in Lod are under attack and you are helping the Arabs

Discussion of the situation and scenarios of the month of Ramadan held by the Minister of National Security with senior police officers, ended in harsh tones. Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir asked how the police were preparing for the month of Ramadan in Lod, after tensions between Jews and Arabs had escalated in the city recently.

In one case, Arab bandits forced a Jewish boy to recite poetry from Qur'an.

Police Chief Kobi Shabtai said the police intend to recruit more Arab police officers in Lod in order to establish dialogue with the Arabs. In response, Minister Ben-Gvir was indignant: “I am not against the Arab police, but it is a parody that these are your actions, instead of going to the Jewish population and hearing about the difficulties, instead of recruiting more volunteers from among the inhabitants of the city, who want to guard their homes, you're talking about appeasing the Arab public.”

The Minister also said, “There's no symmetry here, one side attacks and the other defends. The Jewish community is under attack, and instead of talking to them and restoring a sense of security for them, you help the other side.”

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