Ben Gurion will launch a new PCR testing complex for COVID

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 Ben Gurion to launch new PCR testing complex for COVID < /p>

On Wednesday, August 24, a new state-funded voluntary PCR testing facility will begin operating at Ben Gurion Airport. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health. "Purpose — in preparation for winter, increase the availability of tests for those who return to Israel from abroad,” the statement said. According to the ministry, the test can be done at the airport (at the first stage from 08:00 to 22:00, and later in the 24/7 format. The procedure will be carried out free of charge in the waiting room after receiving the luggage and exiting the customs section (Complex G, Counters 20-21).After landing, those who arrive in Israel will receive a personal message urging them to come to the complex and get checked before leaving the airport. “Coronavirus continues to constantly produce new strains. The danger of coronovirus has not passed, and there is a real possibility of another wave incidence in the coming winter in parallel with the flu wave. The PCR test, unlike the antigen test, allows you to identify the strain, so it is recommended to do it for those who return from abroad. border, do a PCR test after entering Israel in a specially designated complex at the airport.

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