Ben Affleck got bored at Grammy-2023 and became a meme – video

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 Ben Affleck got bored at Grammy-2023 and became a meme – video

American actor Ben Affleck was a guest at the 2023 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles with his wife Lopez. He was bored at the ceremony, pictures of his upset face went viral. The Guardian writes about this.

The 65th Grammy ceremony took place in Los Angeles. The winner of one of the nominations was announced by actress Jennifer Lopez, who came to the celebration with her husband Ben Affleck.

The couple were sitting next to each other, but the photos and videos show that Ben Affleck was not very happy to be at the ceremony. He sat sullen and frustrated while the other celebrities danced and enjoyed themselves.

“He stares into space, indifferent to his closeness to glamour. He doesn't even try to smile. He looks like a person who has successfully distanced himself from everything that surrounds him”, – writes The Guardian.

A video went viral online showing Ben saying something to his wife and lightly hitting him on the chest. After that, Affleck straightens his back and tries to show a satisfied look. Frames with Ben Affleck have already flooded the network, the actor has become a meme – they never stop joking about him.

  • “Ben Affleck looks like every other guy at a corporate party wife"
  • "Ben Affleck looks like he would have preferred a coffee shop"
  • "Ben Affleck at the Grammy – that's me every time before a Zoom call”;
  • “Whatever bad day you have, it's definitely not as miserable as Ben Affleck's”;

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