Belly fat is dangerous: how to remove

Жир на животе опасен: как избавиться

Belly fat is a frequent in women, but quite dangerous phenomenon, which threatens vital organs. So you need to make an effort to get rid of this is not aesthetic and is a serious problem

Visceral fat is considered particularly dangerous due to the fact that surrounds vital organs, leading to serious health problems. To get rid of the problem it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sugar.

“It is recommended to reduce consumption of all products sweetened with sugar from carbonated drinks in food products. Check the label. Options low in fat, for example, often contain added sugar to compensate for the change in taste and texture,” say the experts.

Жир на животе опасен: как избавиться

The next recommendation was to Supplement the diet with protein, good sources are tofu, nuts, lentils and legumes, oily fish, eggs and milk.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an effective method to burn fat and stimulate metabolism. Moreover, exercise of such a plan causes the body to burn calories after the training session ends. Playing sports with dumbbells are also very effective.

Жир на животе опасен: как избавиться

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Quitting Smoking is critical, according to experts. The more in the hands of the cigarette, the more likely it is that dangerous fat will be deposited on the belly instead of the hips. The five-year study showed that adults who slept 5 or fewer hours per day accumulated more visceral fat.

It is also very important to get rid of stressful factors leading to the emergence of dangerous belly fat.

Жир на животе опасен: как избавиться

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Few people know that caviar is an important part of the female body, the care which will only make girls more slender. Caviar — the problem area. They need to work if they are thin or thick. There is also a problem when calves get too pumped. There are several important factors that affect the beauty, health and, in particular, the completeness of the calf muscles.

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