Belly fat causes cancer

Жир на животе вызывает рак

It is known that visceral belly fat is dangerous because that is formed around the vital organs, but scientists have discovered a new danger

Pharmacological study conducted in the United States, presented his response to the question about how dangerous belly fat. Scientists came to the conclusion that the excess fat in this part of the body is fraught with an increased risk of cancer.

Experts from the University of Michigan, said that people underestimate risks to their health associated with fat deposition on the abdomen. The most dangerous, according to them, is visceral fat accumulating around vital organs in the abdomen (liver, intestines, pancreas).

Жир на животе вызывает рак

Doctors believe that fat normal cells of these organs transformirovalsya in cancer.

Жир на животе вызывает рак

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This conclusion is based on the results of experiments with mice that got food high in fat and exposed to ultraviolet light.

Scientists have discovered that growing in the virtue of high-calorie food visceral adipose tissue in animals contributed to the active development of body substances inducing cells to accumulate in tumors.

It is also known that accumulation of fat in the abdominal area has a specific nature: unlike adiposis has in other areas, obesity of the abdomen is caused mostly by the fact that fat cells increase in size. In addition, the increase of fat in the abdomen associated with a higher chance of deadly internal bleeding.

Жир на животе вызывает рак

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