Bellingcat investigation: Al-jazeer journalist killed by IDF

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 Bellingcat investigation: Al-jazeer journalist killed by IDF< /p>

Bellingcat investigation: Al-jazeer journalist killed by IDF Several independent groups have launched their own investigations into the death of an Al Jazeera journalist. Shirin Abu Akla. The results of these investigations could help shape international opinion on who was responsible for the deaths, especially if the official Israeli military investigation drags on.

Over the weekend, Bellingcat, an international consortium of researchers from the Netherlands, published an analysis of video and audio evidence collected on social networks. The material came from both Palestinian and Israeli military sources. The analysis took into account factors such as timestamps, location of video cameras, shadows and forensic analysis of the shots.

The Panel believes that while militants and Israeli soldiers were present in the area, the evidence suggests that Abu Akla was killed by a gunshot from the Israeli side.

“Based on what we could verify, the IDF forces were in the closest position to Abu Akla's location and had visual contact,” — said Giancarlo Fiorella, lead analyst at Bellingcat.

Fiorella acknowledged that the analysis cannot be 100% reliable without evidence such as the bullet, the weapons used by the army, and the location of Israeli forces on GPS. But at the same time, he added that the appearance of additional evidence usually reinforces preliminary conclusions and almost never refutes them.

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