Bella Hadid in Chinese Marie Claire

One of the most popular models of today, 21-year-old American beauty, Bella Hadid, has appeared in photoshoots Trunk su especially for the December edition of the Chinese version of the glossy magazine Marie Claire.

Recently, social media girl has revealed how she is preparing for a photo shoot. Bella in a white bathing robe and huge glasses build funny faces into the camera lens.

The Western press has reported that The Weeknd is planning to restore the novel with Bella Hadid. Singer and model one and a half years together, but broke up a year ago. Now the canadian musician bombarded the girl flowers to attack her phone. Many believe that the rapper has no chance. For now, bell with Drake and ex-boyfriend have her quite uninteresting.

This is interesting: the Return of the king. The first performance of Eminem in the last two years

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