Belgorod again. “Loud Claps” and “Glowing Objects”

 Belgorod again.

Residents of Belgorod reported the sounds of explosions and flying “luminous objects”. It is assumed that Russian aviation is working again in the sky.
Users of social networks from Belgorod report the sounds of “pops” that trigger car alarms, the telegram channel “Military Informant” reports. It is assumed that Russian aviation is operating in the sky. Also, Belgorod residents noticed a flying «luminous object»— probably a jet aircraft, the authors of the SIGNAL telegram channel suggest.

The mayor of the city A. Ivanov addressed the residents: “Document and disseminate information about all the pops and smoke – so the emergency service staff can quickly eliminate their consequences"

Social media reports of "fire" shopping center. The fire occurred in the village of Tavrovo, Belgorod region. The fire was reported at 20:04. Three fire departments attended the scene. At 21:57 the fire was extinguished.

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