Belarusian Dictator Calls German Chancellor “Kid” and “Chatterbox”

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 The Belarusian dictator called the German chancellor a

During “communication” With journalists at the Minsk Mechanical Plant, Lukashenka again distinguished himself with scandalous statements.

As BelTA informs, commenting on the recent words of German Chancellor Scholz that Putin began to deny the independence of Belarus and Ukraine in a conversation with him, Lukashenka said:

– I know a different point of view of the President of Russia. But the main thing is not what Scholz and Putin said. And the main thing is what I'm telling you: the sovereignty and independence of our state are unshakable things.

According to Lukashenka, he “doesn't even talk” with those who think otherwise.

"Whatever state they represent: it was the same with the Americans, the French, even starting from Chirac. And will always be. So ignore this guy's chatter. He will grow up a little if the Germans do not expel him, and he will understand that he is a talker,” Lukashenka said.

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