Belarus for the first time since February closed access to video from cameras on the roads

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 For the first time since February, Belarus closed access to video from cameras on the roads< /p>

Belarusian media write that initially access to cameras was carried out through a specialized website, but this function was disabled after the start of the war. Yesterday, access to Beldorcenter surveillance cameras was disabled in the weather service.

More than a month before the start of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, the State Border Committee of Belarus already removed access to cameras at the entrance and exit from the Belarusian border crossings. So, on January 14, the cameras on the border with Ukraine were the first to turn off.

According to the Belarusian opposition media, actions similar to the preparation of the next stage of the invasion of Ukraine from the territory of the country are observed in Belarus. For example, pontoon bridges are brought in and support units, including military doctors, are being trained.

Opposition circles claim that covert mobilization is underway in the country, and earlier Lukashenka announced the creation of a joint group of troops with Russia, with At the same time, the Russian military has already arrived in the country, which threatens to open a second front.

According to British intelligence, a new Russian invasion of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus is now unlikely. Most likely, according to the intelligence of the Kingdom, Belarus is bluffing to pull the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the north.

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