Beit Shemesh: Young children study in a flea bomb shelter

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 Beit Shemesh: young children study in a bomb shelter with fleas

Two years ago, the municipality of Beit Shemesh announced the opening of a new anthroposophical pre-school where children will experience the world and learn through various creative activities.

But, according to Aruts Sheva, in reality, instead of a safe building, the Gan Gesher preschool housed in a bomb shelter that suffers from problems ranging from plumbing to fleas.

The yard of the preschool that caters for 60 children is small with only one playground. drainage. The entrance gate does not close by itself, the tiles are crooked and broken.

As a result, caregivers do not want to continue working there. The parents said they have contacted the municipality to address the safety concerns, but they say the municipality is ignoring the danger to children despite repeated warnings.

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