Beit Shemesh shocked by daughter's murder and father's suicide

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 Beit Shemesh shocked by daughter's murder and father's suicide

Israeli media reports details of the Beit Shemesh tragedy.

Alexander Saveniuk, 43, killed his 21-year-old daughter, Liana, and then killed himself.< br />
Liana spent yesterday evening with friends and even managed to post the story “We have become more mature” on Instagram. Her mother, divorced from Alexander a year ago, was with friends in the north at the time.

According to the police's initial assumptions, early in the morning of July 24, Alexander killed his daughter with a knife in the neck while she was sleeping. After that, he went into another room and inflicted multiple blows on himself in different parts of the body, and died.

Liana was studying to be a nurse, a few months ago she was demobilized.

Alexandra was a long time ago was not seen in Beit Shemesh, and it is assumed that he arrived in the city with the aim of harming his family members.
The younger son, learning that Alexander had arrived in the city, immediately called his mother. She told him to immediately check what was going on. He was the one who discovered the bodies. He says: “Blood oozed from under the threshold, it immediately became clear that something terrible had happened.”

Neighbors say they did not see or hear anything suspicious.

One of the neighbors saw Alexander when he arrived last Friday: “He was dressed like an aging homeless man”.

One of the acquaintances is shocked: “Why did he kill his daughter? She was a good, healthy, friendly and beautiful girl”.

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