Begging for help: famous Israeli journalist can't get out of the US

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 Begging for help: prominent Israeli journalist can't get out of US

The well-known Israeli journalist, host of Israeli TV channel 13, Matan Khodorov, cannot get out of the United States.

help” Khodorov published a post in which he says: “After an exhausting month of wandering around the United States, we finally came to the Israeli consulate to arrange documents for a flight to Israel for our first daughter, who, as we know, could not be born in Israel due to discrimination against surrogacy”.

“But then it turned out that the Population Authority, without notifying the public, canceled the procedure for entering Israel on a transit certificate, which had been in effect since the time of the corona. It now requires us to wait in the US until we receive a final court order in Tel Aviv and grant citizenship to the child, a procedure that could drag on for at least a few weeks, maybe more.

Khodorov continues: “What kind of health insurance should we expect during this period? How long do they think we can last without the help of a family member? But what about our personal obligations in Israel? Work? Friends we haven't seen in over a month? The costs of staying in the US, which are already in the tens of thousands of shekels? All this simply does not interest them, and we were sent dryly to “appeal.”

Khodorov said that “the three of us should return to Israel tomorrow on an El Al flight and are very happy about this, but at the moment it seems that we will be stuck abroad because of indifference and arbitrariness. As a journalist, I get to cover quite a lot of these stories, so I was very careful about all the stages of bureaucracy, but nothing prepared me for this in advance. “

“I don't want to try strings" or asking for personal favors that would put me in a conflict of interest, so I'm just asking anyone who can, in any capacity: Please help us get home tomorrow. We must return to Israel".

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