Beer Sheva: the girl stole the cars of gentlemen during the first date

 Beersheba: girl stole boyfriends' cars on first date

In the city of Beer Sheva, a girl hunted by stealing cars of potential boyfriends during their first date.

The men stopped at the stalls, to buy cigarettes, the girl jumped into the driver's seat and stole the car.

The 26-year-old girl arranged dates through the Tinder app.

The police found the hijacker using surveillance cameras.

The girl was detained. During interrogations, she claimed that she did not steal cars, but “took them for a drive with the permission of the men.”

The investigation found that the girl did not have a driver's license. After stealing cars, she had fun with friends in nightclubs and discos. She simply abandoned the stolen cars and the police found them.

The girl was charged with stealing cars and driving without a license.

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