Beer market: a bar right under the house

 Beer market: bar right below the house

Somewhere in the 19th century, taverns began to appear to please the working class in Europe and the United States.

You could sit with the guys in them after a hard day's work, drink intoxicating drinks and even relax with girls of easy virtue.

Over the years, taverns have turned into bars, more decent and tidy places where you can enjoy good quality beer.

beer market — a bar in Rishon LeZion founded about six months ago. The concept of the institution — local beer bar. The establishment offers 30 types of draft beer, spirits and quality bar food.

 Beer market: a bar right below the house

Like European beer bars, Beer Market also features beer-cooked pork, smoked ribs, lamb chops and seafood, served as an appetizer.

 Beer market: bar right below the house

"I am very glad that the residents of Rishon Lezion and not only they fell in love with this place. Over the past six months, we have gained many regular customers who see our establishment as a warm and fun place. Here they can enjoy quality beer and a rich and tasty menu”, –
says bar owner Igor Kor.

 Beer market: a bar right under the house

Chaim Ventura, a representative of the importer of spirits Radex, held a beer master class at the opening .

Radex — is an import and marketing company specializing in beer with 20 years of experience. The company deals with innovative brands such as:

  • Kasteel,
  • Barbar,
  • Edelweiss,
  • Shoshana and others.
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