Bedouin wedding shot from four cars

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 Bedouin wedding shot down with four cars

26-year-old Ahad Alsana is a fiancé who was seriously wounded on the evening of December 3 during the shooting of a wedding cortege that was heading to bring the bride from Tel Sheva.

His relative, who was driving the car in which he was traveling, told Ynet about the moment of the assassination: “Four cars were following us, approached us, crashed into us, I got stuck, and after we stopped, they started shoot,” he said. “Some were wearing masks, some weren't, they didn't shout or say anything, they just shot.”

According to the brother, they noticed the face of one of the shooters – and it was a relative of Zeinab Alsana, A 60-year-old resident of Lakia, who was shot dead last October during an assassination attempt on her son. “We identified him,” he said, and continued: “The sons of the murdered Zeinab claimed that Ahad was the killer, but he was not involved in this. Of course, this is a terrible mistake. They shot at a man who had nothing to do with it at all, this is stupidity. Under Bedouin law, they don't do that, they are people who don't know what Bedouin law is.”

Police yesterday confirmed that, according to suspicions, the shooting was indeed a vendetta – in retaliation for the murder of Zeinab Alsan.< /p> Follow us on Telegram

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