Bedouin arrested for shocking rape in Gedera

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 Bedouin arrested for shock rape in Gedera

Police arrested a suspect in a shocking rape in Gedora on the evening of February 4th. Six other suspects belonging to the Bedouin community were also arrested. The main suspect is a 22-year-old Bedouin who was arrested in the Palestinian territories.

The Central District Police worked through the night based on intelligence and testimony – mostly the victim. She gave an important clue – the suspect had an Arabic accent. This clue forced the police to use all their resources and deploy a special unit, thanks to which they managed to find a suspect with no criminal record. He was hiding in the territories. His four brothers and other family members who were arrested allegedly helped him escape the crime scene.

Following this shocking incident, the victim, in his 30s, was subjected to a forensic medical examination, including DNA testing. All arrested suspects, who appear to be working in Gedera, had the same results, but a 22-year-old man has now been identified as the prime suspect.

Police Officer Avi Beaton praised the performance of all police officers force, and emphasized that “the decision to entrust the investigation and search to the central division of the district allowed the use of special opportunities and measures to achieve the truth and a quick arrest,” the police said.

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