Become a wizard thanks to Isradon

Become a wizard thanks to Isradon

New Year & ndash; strange thing. Adults become children for a short moment and believe in the best. It would seem that for many years of unfulfilled desires and the “ new '' that has not happened happiness, we should have lost faith in a miracle, and yet most of us have a heartbeat in anticipation of something amazing.

But the most interesting and surprising thing that can happen to us in the New Year is the opportunity to become a wizard yourself! Of course, we do not have magic wands, but we have love, attentiveness and a great desire to create a miracle for the closest people on New Year's Eve. It's very simple & ndash; you need to make the same gift! The one from which the eyes will shine, and the heart will begin to beat stronger.

Only you can understand what gift will make your loved one happy. Well, for our part, we can offer a wide range of interesting options.


 Become a wizard thanks to Isradon

The eyes of true connoisseurs of beauty cannot but light up at the sight of unique high-quality CARMANI products. Reproductions of famous paintings by the greatest artists and stylish pictures of animals, cars, motorcycles and ships on glass, porcelain, umbrellas, stoles, and even protective masks will allow the recipient of such a gift to understand how subtly you feel his soul and feel the involvement in world culture.


Become a wizard with Isradon

A huge selection of books of many genres and styles could do credit to a large library. Classics and novelties, bestsellers and rarities for an amateur, fiction and journalism, esotericism and scientific literature, adults and children & hellip; But the main value of Isradon is – amazing empathetic consultants in each branch of the chain who will help you choose the book that will touch the heart of the person for whom the gift is intended, showing him how deeply you have studied his tastes and preferences.


We have a gift for a young dreamer of any age. From unique educational pyramids, tumblers and eco-friendly wooden toys of the highest quality to wonderful soft toys from the Orange brand, which, perhaps, will become the very cozy friend helping your child, and therefore you, sleep peacefully all night. Orange Toys soft toys are made on the basis of three important principles – ndash; impeccable quality, affordable price and unique design.

Puzzles and blocks that keep kids busy for a long time, delightful cartoon characters and, of course, modern interactive toys with buttons are worthy of special mention who can sing songs, tell fairy tales and entertain children with various interesting sounds. Such toys always make a splash.

Nobody knows your child better than you, which means that you will definitely choose from all this splendor exactly what will make the kid jump with delight around the tree.

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Become a wizard thanks to Isradon

The best adults are those who managed to keep at least a particle of the child in their souls. These are just those people who are able to sincerely rejoice in the simplest things, have fun playing with children, both with their own and with all the children who are nearby, and love to receive gifts. A bright, high-quality puzzle that requires real fanaticism from Casterland will surely light the fire of a real fan in the eyes of an adult “ child. '' And the right choice of a picture will become a symbol of your care and closeness to the recipient of the gift.

Scarves and shawls

Become a wizard thanks to Isradon

The Pavlovo-Posad shawl of incredible beauty will be an ideal stylish gift for a beautiful self-confident woman. It has everything you need: a long history of the brand, a delicate author's painting that can be endlessly scrutinized, a quality that will allow a gift to serve faithfully for many years, and, most importantly, it will never go out of style.

The warmest, delicate and enveloping gift without any doubt can be called the Orenburg downy shawl. This thin snow lace will convey your love in the best way possible and will warm not only the body, but also the soul of the woman you will wrap in it.


A rich selection of various jewelry for every taste and pocket will make it possible to choose a gift for any beautiful lady, from her little sister to her beloved grandmother, not to mention his wife or lover. Enamel, amber, semi-precious stones, crystals, silver & hellip; Slowly look into her casket, find those common features that unite her collection, and you will definitely make the right choice. As a last resort, take a photo of a few of her favorite pieces of jewelry, show them to our consultant, and you will definitely be helped to make the right choice.

Become a wizard thanks to Isradon

New Year's decor

Of course, no New Year's magic can happen without truly special Christmas tree decorations, shining garlands and other New Year's decorations, not to mention the forest beauties themselves – Christmas trees. There is hardly a person who does not start smiling at the sight of sparkling New Year's windows. We have a great variety of different jewelry in our stores, from glass exclusive to cute plastic jewelry that is not dangerous for children and cats.

 Become a wizard thanks to Isradon

Photo by Yelena Nirenberg

Make magic! Give happiness! And the chain of stores “ Isradon '' will be your faithful assistant in this pleasant business.

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