Became known why the Ancient Egyptians worshipped pet cats

Стало известно, почему в Древнем Египте обожествляли домашних кошек

The scientists said, who helped the mighty civilizations

A new study by scientists has helped to establish a real affection of the inhabitants of ancient Egypt to cats, reports the with reference to Accents

It is known that recently archaeologists have unearthed near Cairo in the ancient site of Scarry the tomb, of which 4.5 thousand years, and have found in it many embalmed animals.

Earlier, the archaeologists who conducted the excavations of the ancient pyramids, repeatedly along with a variety of treasures surrounding the tomb of the king, found mummified cats, which were considered good conductors of great rulers in the Kingdom of the dead.

Стало известно, почему в Древнем Египте обожествляли домашних кошек

Experts report that about cats mentioned in the Egyptian manuscripts about 5 thousand years ago. In those days they were considered “sacred” animals.

And all because they were indispensable helpers: saving the harvest, saving fields and barns from poisonous snakes and rodents. The inhabitants of ancient times were attributed to cats incredible abilities. In the manuscripts of travelers from Rome, the Egyptians overcame great distances in order to bury their animals.

Стало известно, почему в Древнем Египте обожествляли домашних кошек

The cats lived in the palaces of the pharaohs, were regarded with the greatest reverence, and on the day when they died, declared semidesyatiletiyu mourning and the Pharaoh himself, according to the common tradition, in tribute to cut your eyebrows.

Cats in Egyptian history were often identified with RA. Probably this honor whiskered inhabitants of the ancient state was awarded due to the structure of the eye.

Egyptians worshiped the goddess Bastet, portraying her in cat form. The travelers made small animal figurines and kept in the house as a talisman.

There was a very significant cult of the goddess – cat Bastet (bast), considered also the personification of the solar and lunar light. Goddess depicted as a woman with a cat’s head or as a lioness. Bastet was the daughter of Osiris and ISIS. She was devoted to prayer.

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