Became known why fury couldn’t beat Wilder

Стало известно, почему Фьюри не смог победить Уайлдера

In Los Angeles (USA) took place the battle between DevTeam Wilder and Tyson fury

World champion in superheavy weight under version WBC Deontay Wilder stepped into the ring against former champion Tyson fury. On the line of battle was a belt of American.

The match ended in a draw. Thus, Deontay Wilder kept the belt. However, Tyson fury was on the verge of victory. The scorecards until the last Briton was leading on points. But due to the knockdown in the 12th round of fury could not become the new world champion.

Стало известно, почему Фьюри не смог победить Уайлдера

Interestingly, before the fight, bookmakers considered the favorite of the American. To win a Wilder’s ratio was at 1.61, and the success of fury – 2,30. A draw was estimated at 26.0.

Стало известно, почему Фьюри не смог победить Уайлдера

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In the world

As previously reported, Tyson fury, former world champion heavyweight champion, openly talked about the terrible tragedy in his family. Tyson fury said that before the fight with Wladimir Klitschko in 2014 year, his family experienced two tragedies:

“I never talked about it. The thing is that my wife Paris had a miscarriage. And I instead be with her, was in another wing of the same hospital at the bedside of a dying uncle Huey. Both tragedies happened at the same time at the end of 2014. I struggled with this out of my system. I just then had to concentrate on Boxing, not think about the bad before the fight with Klitschko”.

Стало известно, почему Фьюри не смог победить Уайлдера

Recall, the coach of the Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr gvozdik legendary Teddy Atlas shared his opinion about match.

“Fury has been inactive, retired and came back. We have little to worry about it. He lost his physical form, was away from Boxing, but he’s not a hundred. It should not play too big role, but a little will play. He will fight against the biggest puncher in Boxing. Fury is not as close to the top guy in terms of technique.

Boxing is still a technique. He does many things wrong. He has more flaws than Wilder, but he has reach, size and dynamite in his right hand. Fury has one thing. He has a style for large guys. Wilder will fight an opponent larger than themselves, who fights as a lightweight. Fury — high Behemoth, but he tries to box like Pernell Whitaker: he moves around, uses his feet. Klitschko has already realized that this is a complex style. I say it again: “This is a difficult style,” which is difficult to control.

We will remind, fury suddenly improved its position in the ranking of the WBC.

As reported Politeka, Tyson fury, said: I can fight even Wilder for free.

Also Politeka wrote that fury had decided on the harsh action in order to win over Wilder.

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