Became known, who will play in the comic Angelina Jolie

Стало известно, кто еще сыграет в комиксе с Анджелиной Джоли

American actor Keanu Reeves (the Matrix, John Wick) talks about joining the cast of the film adaptation of the comic book Eternal (The Eternals) by Jack Kirby.

As Just Jared reports, 54-year-old actor might join the Marvel Studios, the Director who will make Chloe Zhao, reports the with reference to NV.

It is known that the characters of the film play such stars as Angelina Jolie (Maleficent, the Tourist) and Richard Madden (Game of thrones, Rocketman).

Negotiations are still ongoing, and the deal hasn’t closed. If Reeves would agree to a role in the Eternal, this will be his first film for Marvel, and his first film based on the comic book from the time of Constantine, released in 2005.

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Eternal movie based on Jack Kirby created the comic about super powers and almost immortal beings known as the Eternals (Eternals), and more monstrous branch of evolution, known as the Deviants (Deviants), which was created by space beings called Celestial (Celestials). The picture should appear in 2020.

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