Became known, who from Ukrainians entitled to the new social benefits: “the age limit”

Стало известно, кто из украинцев имеет право на новые соцвыплаты: "ограничение по возрасту"

Expanded the list of potential recipients of social benefits

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has expanded the list of recipients of social scholarships.

This was reported on the website of the Ministry of social policy.

In particular, statists canceled the age limit in the provision of social grants to combatants.

In General in Ukraine expanded following categories of recipients of social grants:

“Expanded category of recipients of social scholarships, giving the right to receive social grants to all combatants, including persons recognized as victims by the participants of the revolution of Dignity, persons with disabilities resulting from the war, and participants of the measures to ensure national security and defense, response and containment of armed aggression of the Russian Federation in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and their children who are students of higher educational institutions”.

Стало известно, кто из украинцев имеет право на новые соцвыплаты: "ограничение по возрасту"

We will remind, has changed the procedure of verifying the compliance of the quality of provision of some public services.

It is known that since may 1, 2019 all consumers will be able to contact the Manager and providers of public services with the act-a claim is a form document approved by the government, if the service quality does not meet standards.

Стало известно, кто из украинцев имеет право на новые соцвыплаты: "ограничение по возрасту"

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Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers in this regard has already been published in government publications.

It is reported that the public utilities are required to inspect the quality of services during the day in the presence of such statements from citizens, from the moment when received the address of a specific user:

“The new order of inspections for the areas of utility services like hot and cold water supply, Sewerage, heating, garbage collection and control housing”, — said the candidate of legal Sciences Andrei Nikonchuk.

Стало известно, кто из украинцев имеет право на новые соцвыплаты: "ограничение по возрасту"

The expert said:

“In the past includes: the maintenance of buildings, houses adjoining areas and the management service. That is, the Manager deals with services for the maintenance of the house and local area, as well as an intermediary between service providers and consumers, i.e. tenants of the house. I note that neither electricity nor gas supply this ruling does not apply, as these services are provided to consumers under direct contracts”.

We also recall, we reported that the tranches from the International monetary Fund (IMF) under the current credit program (EFF) Ukraine will not receive. To such conclusion the experts interviewed.

“Unlikely to be any more tranches under the current program. As far as I know, the differences between Ukraine and the IMF have not yet withdrawn to the end. Ukraine is too detained with them (the conditions of the program. – Ed.) implementation”, – said the doctor of economic Sciences Oleg Yaremenko.

Leading researcher of the Institute of Economics and forecasting of NASU Jaroslav Zhalilo also believes that the current lending program can be considered completed.

We will remind as to interest and what surprises await Ukrainians

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