Became known, who compensates for the loss due to the situation with the oil pipeline “Druzhba”

Стало известно, кто компенсирует потери из-за ситуации с нефтепроводом «Дружба»

An agreed mechanism for compensation.

The participants of the talks on settlement of the situation surrounding the supply of contaminated oil through the Druzhba pipeline came to a common understanding of the principles, how will be calculated the amount of compensation for supply of substandard oil. About it said Deputy energy Minister Pavel Sorokin, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Today ended another round of talks between shippers and consignees. Quite effective, good day, we signed a Protocol on the results. All parties, all participants endorsed that is quite an important moment”, – said Sorokin.

He thinned that the specific amount of compensation was not discussed today, because it is “too early”.

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“But procedural aspects and the mechanisms and algorithms of interaction today were discussed and a concept accepted by all parties”, – said the Deputy Minister.

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