Became known, when finally released hypercar Mercedes-AMG One

Стало відомо, коли нарешті випустять гіперкар Mercedes-AMG One

At Mercedes-AMG One will have to wait a bit

Hypercar of its own design Mercedes-AMG made its debut in 2017 and had to go to production in 2019, however, this proved to be much harder than you thought engineers. Using a number of technical difficulties serial release of model One has been postponed until 2021.

But now, as promised edition of Road & Track, head of sales Mercedes-AMG Michael Kneller, all the problems have been successfully resolved.

Therefore, buyers of 275 copies hypercar appeared very specific dates when they will finally be able to get their cars. According to him, they have already signalled the start of deliveries of the Mercedes-AMG One in 2021.

Стало відомо, коли нарешті випустять гіперкар Mercedes-AMG One

Before release there were a number of issues

The main issue of the Mercedes-AMG One was its hybrid powerplant with a 1.6-litre petrol turbo, valmistumine automatic gearbox, five electric motors and lithium-ion batteries.

To adapt the engine of this car F1 for a production car, approved for use on public roads, it was tricky: I had to “teach” to meet the standards of noise and emissions, lower idle speed to 1200 rpm, start the usual button and stand at least 50 thousand kilometers instead of one single race.

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