Became known the motive of the brutal massacre of a mother and her daughter in Zhytomyr: “friends since kindergarten”

Стал известен мотив жестокой расправы над матерью и дочкой в Житомире: "дружили с детского садика"

Surfaced previously unknown details of the murder of Irene and Angelica Karpets

A friend of the dead girl appealed to the media with the story. He told me that could lead to tragic developments in Zhitomir.

February 16 around 8:35-8:45 am in the lane Transit occurred the murder of 41-year-old woman and her 21-year-old daughter. As reported by law enforcement, the killer first killed Irina, hiding the body under the slate, and then repeatedly struck with a hammer Angelica on the head.

Стал известен мотив жестокой расправы над матерью и дочкой в Житомире: "дружили с детского садика"

The man who introduced Sviatoslav, found out the details of the crime from his friend who works in the local police. Law enforcement was part of the investigative team who went to the scene of the tragedy. The spectacle in the house of the dead was terrible, even for a seasoned police officer. Noting “a bloody mess” turned into a girl’s head, the man barely stood on his feet.

A friend claims that the arrival of Angelica was still alive. It lasted only a few minutes. But her mother was long dead. Sources suggest that the killer killed the woman when she went to the courtyard for firewood. And then rushed to the young victim. Running through the gardens, the perpetrator of the crime caught the eye of neighbors. Those and called the police, telling signs of the villain: height about 180 cm, slim build, brown hair, birthmark on his chin. He was dressed in dark clothes, you can have the backpack in dark gray.

Стал известен мотив жестокой расправы над матерью и дочкой в Житомире: "дружили с детского садика"

Suspicion fell on the 26-year-old Basil, who was the boyfriend of Angelica. Sviatoslav noted that the pair were friends from kindergarten. Recently, however, the young people started a quarrel. The girl pulled away from her beloved, tired of the jealousy. Soon, she intended to go to Czech Republic to work. It is considered the main motive for the crime. A jealous boyfriend could go for the kill, not to share his beloved with another man.

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So the day before the death of Angelica was going to visit her friend. Vasily met her on the way and climbed with questions. He was not allowed the girl to stay, forcing him to return home. It is assumed that after the incident, he started to watch under the yard, while the victims are divided. Then to deal with them one by one with a hammer.

Svyatoslav considers Basil a real maniac: “When a normal person in the heat of passion killing, he, in theory, immediately comes to life and begins to realize what he’s done. If consistently killed two – this is a maniac.”

We will remind, in the network disclosed, and how he dealt with Declam.

As reported Politeka, a resident of Odesa region dealt harshly with a friend: “Rejected in love”.

Also Politeka wrote that the sister of the Ukrainian writer brutally murdered: struck with an axe right in the store.

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