Became known, the cost of the wedding of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih

Стало известно, во сколько обошлась свадьба Потапа и Насти Каменских

Less than a week after the luxury wedding singer Nastya Kamensky and Potap rapper, both in the media talking about the amount spent on the ceremony.

Danilko says that only the Banquet cost the pair about 3 million, reports the with reference to

About the artist, who was invited guest at the wedding, said in comments to journalists StarHit. Danilko admitted that “the wedding was solvent”. Only a Banquet in the restaurant Fabius cost of 2.86 million.

According to media reports, the ceremony was held near the beautiful arches set on a backdrop of lush forests. But guests were treated with Nastya Kamenskih and Potap in a large glass gazebo, which has installed large screens. The solemn event was attended by almost all representatives of the Ukrainian show-business, so they made up a special menu. Treated domestic elite cold appetizers, Caprese salad, crispy octopus, king crab, foie Gras and other delicacies.

In addition, Danilko told that during the wedding he sang to Nastya and Potap few songs. It was one of the requests of the young that Verka Serduchka could not ignore. Among the songs that sounded at the wedding, was known for hits artist, and even “Ass like Kim” from the new repertoire Kamensky.

The appearance of the Verka was the desire Nasti. Yes and it’s rather a tradition: on a normal get-together to sing Serduchka – a DoppelgangeR of some kind. Of course, I never took money from them. It’s not the gift, but the fact that people are looking for emotions, good mood, – said Danilko.

The artist could communicate with Nastya Kamenskih. According to him, the singer wants to have children, what was confessed in many interviews.

Danilko revealed family secrets Potap and Nastya Kamenskih

“Every girl wants to be. When we meet her talked She said that she wants kids. And it is a natural desire. Not always possible to combine a normal life and a successful career. I hope they can do it”, – said Danilko.

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