Became known, the consequences of inactivity and overweight: we have to operate

Стало известно, к чему приводит малоподвижность и лишний вес: придется оперировать

Doctors told what dire consequences a sedentary lifestyle and obesity

Varicose veins also known as varicose veins is a polygenic disease in which veins of a person undergoing varicose changes. In parallel with this disease progresses to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

The objective symptoms of varicose veins looks like changing the serpentine veins. Also the veins to swell and become distinctly bluish tint. The result of the weakening of the valvular apparatus of the heart, the lower extremities can swell.

Стало известно, к чему приводит малоподвижность и лишний вес: придется оперировать

Causes of varicose veins

The occurrence of a disease associated with many factors, namely:

— genetic predisposition;
— disruption in hormone production can change the properties of the blood, and lead to the loss of flexibility of vessel walls.
— increased intra-abdominal pressure leads to venous congestion;
— excessive accumulation of fatty tissues;
— abdominal dropsy;
— tumors localized in the area of small pelvis and abdominal cavity;
— during pregnancy;
— excessive physical exertion;
— sedentary lifestyle, often stay in the same position;
close, compressing underwear and shoes;
— diseases of the cardiovascular system;
— kidney disease.


Diagnosis, like most therapy, has been a specialist in the field of phlebology. The most informative and rapid method of detecting varicose veins is considered to be ULTRASONIC duplex scanning of veins, which gives a precise estimation of cross-veins, and also allows you to make a treatment plan. If there are complications the patient is administered a contrast radiography (venography).

How to treat varicose veins

Treatment of varicose veins can be performed surgically, as well as using therapeutic methods.

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Conservative treatment of varicose veins involves pharmacotherapy of tools that improve vascular tone (bentonite). Also used means of external applications, which is composed of heparin. At high risk of blood clots, the patient is assigned anticoagulants. Also, the patient is recommended to wear a special underwear and exercises physical therapy.

Стало известно, к чему приводит малоподвижность и лишний вес: придется оперировать

Surgical treatment may include such methods:

— removal of varicose veins (phlebectomy);
— radiofrequency catheter ablation — normalization of disturbed rhythm;
— sclerotherapy — varicose vein removal by injection.

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