Became known extraordinary properties of the clothing of the future

Стали известны необычные свойства одежды будущего

Innovative materials are currently actively tested.

Presenting clothes in the future, we often are in the thrall imposed upon us by the fashion and fantasy films of ideas, not realizing the main thing – you need to talk first about the fabrics of the future than about the clothes, because exactly in this direction should be global changes, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

This is confirmed by the development of scientists who are constantly looking for new materials for clothing, such as the American University of Maryland introduced a fabric that can itself adapt to the changing weather conditions of the environment.

Due to the structure coated with a thin layer of carbon nanotubes, the unique fabric is expanded or, on the contrary, is narrowed depending on the ambient temperature, air humidity, thereby changing the distance between the fibers. Due to this, the last or hard to miss the heat, or almost certainly delay him.

For centuries, the scientists write in the journal Science, which had a very interesting in all respects the development of a whole article, people were forced either to wear or take off clothes depending on humidity and ambient temperature. Developed new fabric is a bidirectional regulator which eliminates this disadvantage, saving time and money, not to mention comfort and convenience to wear clothing made using this technology.

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The scientists also stressed in the article that this is not laboratory testing, and concrete scientific achievement, which can be the basis to create clothes of the future, which, apparently, will not only easily adapt to the temperature, but also to change the color and even the style (the practicality to use it in a given situation).

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