Beauty from the show “the Bachelor” missing: got off the plane and disappeared

Красавица из шоу "Холостяк" пропала без вести: вышла из самолета и исчезла

Famous model, star of the popular TV show “the Bachelor” rose Hertz, returning from vacation has disappeared: the last message was from inside the aircraft that fly to Moscow

As it became known, for the third week relatives and friends are trying to find 24-year-old singer and model Rose Hertz. The model name is Anastasia Matrenina.

Красавица из шоу "Холостяк" пропала без вести: вышла из самолета и исчезла

The network even had the hashtag #nigerose, but so far the results are disappointing.

The network reported that the girl was returning to Moscow from Dubai. It was back on January 30. The last time the rose was published in stories Instagram shots from the plane. Some believe that the Board at this time has landed at Sheremetyevo.

In turn, commentators in Instagram do not believe that she really was gone, finding suspicious the fact that the police about the disappearance of know nothing.

In the Russian press noted that in his last videos Anastasia Matrenina asked the flight attendants about a man who meets her. The stewardess says that Hertz really expect to Sheremetyevo, but who is waiting for her, did not elaborate.

Красавица из шоу "Холостяк" пропала без вести: вышла из самолета и исчезла

Previously rose-Anastasia studied at MGIMO, also was a member of the production center Maxim Fadeev and in 2016, released his debut music video “Break up.” In the sixth season of the reality show “the Bachelor” tried to win the heart of a pop idol Yegor creed, however, was not included among the finalists, and triumphantly eventually became Dasha Klyukina.

All this time rose Hertz did not respond to messages family and disappeared from social networks – publish pictures or video in Instagram. Her phone number is unavailable.

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However, there are positive news about the participants of the show “the Bachelor.” So, it was reported that a contestant on “the Bachelor” itself revealed the identity of the new groom

Many fans of the TV show “the Bachelor,” anxiously watching the development of relations. Viewers are expecting that the pair will eventually gain the family fortune. But the feeling at the show was an illusion.

Daria Klyukina did not lose time in vain. She managed to snag a rich man. Now ex-member getting married. According to the Russian media, the future husband and star of “the Bachelor” should be the 39-year-old top Manager of “Gazprom-media”, Deputy General Director of TNT and the former head of “Match TV” Vladimir Chopov.

Recall, a bachelor Nikita Dobrynin told about the perfect girl and honeymoon.

As reported Politeka, Yegor creed caught with a new girl.

Also Politeka wrote that the winner of “the Bachelor” ended up in the hospital.

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