Beat plates and burn effigies: unusual New Year traditions

Plates are beaten and stuffed animals burned: unusual New Year traditions

The New Year is coming very soon, with feasts and fireworks as attributes. But each country has its own traditions of celebrating the New Year, and some of them are quite unusual, PostNews reports.

For example, Ecuadorians burn effigies at midnight, symbolizing the outgoing year. In addition, in Ecuador there is a tradition of walking with suitcases on New Year's Eve. It is believed that this personifies the travel that will take place in the new year.

Denmark has its own way to enter the new year: the people of the country literally jump into it from their chairs. The Danes also beat the plates: the more debris, the more luck they have.

In Scotland, it is believed that the first person to enter a house after midnight will predict fate for the year ahead. The best guest is considered to be a dark-haired man who will bring money, bread and whiskey.

Residents of some South American countries believe that events in the new year depend on the color of their underwear. So, red pants will bring love, and yellow ones – wealth.

The New Year's tradition, popular among single women in Ireland, is connected with the search for love. According to local custom, on New Year's Eve, a mistletoe is placed under the pillow, and the next day it is burned in the hope of “ luring '' love.

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