BBC equates rocket fire on civilians with attacks on Hamas targets

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 BBC equates rocket fire on civilians with attacks on Hamas targets

The BBC has once again been embarrassed, covering the recent escalation between Israel and terrorist groups.

We are talking about rocket fire from Gaza and a retaliatory strike on Hamas facilities.

The publication published a report by David Gritten titled “Gaza-Israel shootout follows deadly raid in Judea and Samaria.”

“The Israeli military launched airstrikes in Gaza after Palestinian militants fired rockets into southern Israel. According to the military, six rockets were fired from Gaza at dawn, five of which were intercepted. Shortly thereafter, Israeli warplanes attacked what were identified as two Hamas targets,” the report began.

In reporting the news, the Air Force equates the attack on sleeping civilians with strikes on terrorist targets. Reporters use the term “exchange” and also say that after the IDF operation in Nablus, “local hospitals are struggling to treat dozens of wounded.”

“Let's now turn to the Middle East, where fears are growing that the latest outbreak of violence between Israel and the Palestinians could spiral out of control. A Wednesday raid by Israeli forces against suspected militants in the city of Nachem killed 11 Palestinians, militants and civilians and injured many more. Well, it triggered a shootout across the Gaza border. Six rockets were fired at Israel from there and Israel launched airstrikes at night,” BBC World Service Radio.

One doctor told BBC correspondent Tom Bateman that it was one of the “worst events of its kind that he has seen in recent years".

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