Battle PM: AGON against VIA gra

Битва премьер:  АГОНЬ  против  ВИА Гры

The battle of the premieres: “AGON” vs “VIA gra”
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Ukrainian band presented tracks.

Friday – traditionally the day the Prime Minister. Today, fans of innovations have decided to please such groups as “AGON” and “VIA Gra”.

The release of “dark streets” was held in 2011 under the brand of Quest Pistols, but was released after 8 years in the band “AGON”. This song is the authorship of the “Barefoot on the sun” – a nostalgic hit zero, which resonated in the hearts of those who met their youth at the beginning of the new Millennium.

For 12 months the band has released the album unorthodox “Tab”, two post-ironic project “You 20” and “Bomb”, and even Prodigy-Remix to your bestseller “I am tired”.

Three beautiful girls from the group “VIA Gra” has shared with fans a song entitled “1+1”. The video for the song appeared on the YouTube channel Meladze Music, and the author of the track – producer, composer Konstantin Meladze. In the video members of the group spend time together, the three of us living in the same house. However, in the final movie their heroine worried everyone emotions: their interests diverge due to feelings.



Ukrainian artists presented tracks.

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