Baseus High Capacity Car Jump Starter

Baseus high capacity vehicle launch pad

Super Energy Max Car Jump Starter & mdash; & mdash; Outstanding novelty from Baseus car accessories. High-capacity power supply with versatile performance for charging a depleted car battery or charging mobile devices on the go.

When it comes to car accessories, the last thing that comes to mind is a starter. While the chances of use are really low, missing one starter can be a thunderbolt if your car's battery runs out in a remote location, and even worse if your phone runs out.

We hope none of you ever have to dealing with a dead battery, chances are rare as mentioned above. However, the relief that the car starter offers far exceeds expectations when an unwanted event occurs.

This product is endowed (has) super power: when the starter is fully charged, the driver can charge the 3.0-liter vehicle up to 60 times.It helps drivers to quickly resolve accidents or charge mobile devices during the trip. Unlike other brands,

Baseus has developed this 20,000mAh starter with 2000A peak current – top-notch performance at this level of battery capacity.

Thanks to this current range, it supports starting vehicles with a 12 V/8 l petrol engine and vehicles with a 12 V/4.0 l diesel engine.

The Super Energy Max car jump starter has excellent design advantages – when this product is fully charged, it can continue to be used even if it has been idle for two years. And to make it more than just an emergency device sitting next to eating dust, Basesu has provided an external battery function so everyone in the car can charge most mobile devices via 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports.

With full consideration of safety and extreme situations, the designer of this product decided to use a metal case to protect the cores and ensure their normal operation even at temperatures from -40 to -60 °; C (-104 ° F to -140 ° F). In addition, driven by curiosity, the designer discovered and developed new features for the product, so it has a built-in flashlight with three lighting modes – illuminating the darkest moments.

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