Barnabas said that the wedding with her beloved will not

Варнава заявила, что свадьбы с её возлюбленным не будет

Barnabas said that the wedding with her beloved will not be [photo, video]
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The leading believes she has “an old bride”.

35-year-old Russian presenter, Ekaterina Varnava has cancelled the wedding with her beloved Constantine Myakinkova which they planned the last two years. She admitted that she’s embarrassed to wear a white dress and try on the image of the “innocent bride”. About it the actress said in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

– I have no wedding. It’s a done deal. Already it is somehow not relevant. It turns out that I – spinster, late. Some old fiancee, why?, – said Catherine.

According to Barnabas, the stamp in the passport has not a big value, but she dreams of having children.

– Children is the goal, the dream. I want twin boys, she said.

Fans began to suspect that Catherine broke up with her partner, but the couple publishes in networks of collaborative video. Also the star jokingly said that it will spend the money on the wedding celebration of their anniversary. 9 Dec Barnabas celebrates 35th anniversary.

– I turned 35 years old. All of the money instead of a wedding down to the Banquet. Not celebrated the holiday for a long time. And, by the way, I would say that gifts are not the goal for meaningful women, she added.

Catherine has published a video in

Instagram, which captured the best moments of the past 12 months: “My 35 – they are.”

Humoriste 2013 meets dancer Konstantin Myakinkova who is younger than her by two years. They met on the set of Comedy Woman: there he participated in the dance show rooms. At that time each of them had a relationship. Kostya and Katya meet again in winter of 2015 for the shooting of the TV project “Dance”, where Konstantin was a member, and Barnabas leading.

Myakinkov worked in the ballet of Sergey Lazarev participated in the “Turetsky Choir” “the Show goes on” and was Director of the private rooms of the teleproject “You are a superstar”.


The CEO of the New channel Alex Gladushevsky: From Barnabas with Pritula was chemistry at some sexual level.

Head of youth entertainment channel, spoke about the projects that will start in the autumn season.

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