Bardash told the Dude about the persecution in the Ukraine, the disintegration of the group Fungi and fights with his wife

Бардаш рассказал Дудю о травле в Украине, распаде группы  Грибы  и драках с женой

Bardash told the Dude about the persecution in the Ukraine, the disintegration of the group “Fungi” and fights with his wife
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Quest Pistols producer and former husband of the singer of the moon gave his first big interview.

Yuri Bardash gave an interview to Yuri Dude. Producer and member of the “Mushroom” talked about the band the war on native Donbass, the persecution of Ukrainian artists and high-profile divorce from Moon. The conversation took place in Moscow, the final issue to last over two hours.

Why doesn’t do interviews

– You know, I like to work, to do business. I had some experience, it was recorded, then I read it and I was disgusting. And since this is not my main activity, I allowed myself not to give interviews. 20 years of my work and something to think about.

About adoptive parents

– It was the city of Alchevsk (Luhansk region). Both my parents worked at the plant, but before the father played sports, was a master of biathlon. When my parents met, they went to Pripyat, my mother worked at the 4th reactor, if that. That day (the Chernobyl disaster), the shift supervisor was replaced, and he never returned. They were evacuated to the Donbass, and life went the other way, steel plant, AMK (Alchevsk metallurgical combine). Mom thyroid, all that stuff.

About Alchevsk

– Hard city as tough as possible. Not smiling one. In the 2000s, I arrived in Kiev at the disco and all smiles. We have in the city at the disco no one was smiling. 4-5 fights a night. All are looking forward to these fights, who can beat, kill people in these fights. Were inserted the vaseline into fists and it was wall to break. Plus a lot of addicts and fighters. First, all the soldiers – then all addicts. I immediately knew that would never work in a factory.

A solo project YOURA

– I like electronic music, it reveals the maximum of my world, I think. I close this, I’m Turner (profession Bardash milling), sharpen details. I hope that someone is to be as close as me. My texts, I’m proud of it. In my project I’m not a producer. If you were a producer, it would not have sold his car a huge “Sequoia”, wouldn’t clip on the factory, said, “Nate you five, took, went, work.” When I began to do my own, I became closer to the artists. I guess what they are down and out, do not understand.

On the situation in the Donbass

– Well, what could be relevant to what is happening. My heart aches for my region, for the people who ended up in the batch. I am not one of “LC” I treat people that are out there. “LPR”, Kyiv, Moscow, no, I have people interested, I their manners are familiar and understandable. What I see in Ukraine for the last five years, I see chaos, maximum disorder. I often hear the expression “Donbass typical redneck”. What I know about it “typical Western redneck?”. It is the people who work and have always worked. Yes, they are severe, are not cultural in the capital.

Cancelled all Russian schools, and in Ukraine is 50% Russian speakers. Ukraine is their native country, but their language is Russian. And felt a strong pressure on these people. I want to say something? You’re a separatist, you just padded. Go to Facebook – they all sit there drochery couch – and roll in it all. Bullying is happening people. However, now, thank, started some sort of careful movement towards peace and wax we have built, but also it all happens with such difficulty. My grandfather fought, I grew up with the confidence that my people are a winner. I never, thank God, was not at war and do not want, I have a cultural front. Monuments tumbled down and began to name the streets with names of people who helped the Germans.

“What do you think would happen to you after these words”?

– If in this life you have no right to speak, why bother to live?

About Zelensky

– I will support my President. This is a man who seeks peace in Ukraine. And that neighbor did not have any “Ramsey”, that was the world. I believe that this needs to achieve all artists, all creators, and not to provoke an escalation of the conflict.

Of ascent and disintegration of the group “Fungi”

– “Between us is melting the ice,” I think the most important track for the entire Russian Internet, because all social groups have made on this track is his version: the prisoners, doctors, teachers. All want peace, we have released it during a brutal escalation of the conflict between the two neighboring brotherly, no one can say, Vanya Dorn tore to pieces – States. We second were to cost so much, people 10 years go to this price tag. 50 (euros per event).

We had internal conflict, and we stopped the band. When Kyivstoner sat in Los Angeles and made their own fun, it was all cool when I arrived, went to concerts, he always began his broom… He’s not really consistent with our philosophy. I then thought it was a mistake that he left.

When a group of “Mushrooms”, everyone wanted to warm up, starting with Kirkorov. Kastner was the symbol of the group, I’m a producer, and the guy in the mask, about him no one spoke at all, and he (the rapper 4atty) were danicom. Poured dirt and the like on stage together to be? We’ve established communication, because I’m 10 years older.

About the Ukrainian artists of Russia

– We rode openly everywhere, when all of our artists by pushing the tails of your heart. I don’t want to name names, but the state with the TV dictates to the artist, and you do what they say. Moved Loboda, Ani Lorak were kicked out, a great singer, “get out.” Pure baiting.

In this war, to take sides is impossible, “holivar”. Your side is six, and my nine, and here we sit arguing about it.

About Kuzma Skryabin

Is the greatest man, if he was alive, but would never have made this war because it is the only person respected in the East and in the West. He died in the beginning. Talc and Tsoy died when? In the moment (restructuring). And here Kuzma went to the demolition.

About former wife of singer moon

– She was a photographer, I invited her to participate in the video Quest Pistols – You are so beautiful. Three months later I asked her to make a baby and he was born welcome son. Three months of soul to soul. Jora son was born, Christine has post-partum depression, we were always splitting up. This is clip (Quest Pistols) that I took in Los Angeles “Forget everything”, it has all the answers. Beat-not beat, it’s where she played a major role.

Most likely, could not imagine that she would become a famous singer and didn’t want to. Of course, when a woman show. And need to download it. She says in all interviews: “I myself, I myself”, well, herself. Two years it rocked my company. I’m just uncomfortable in front of people who helped. Well, myself, just myself. “Spark” is the most favorite work, and of those that she did it “Autumn”.

The first three months everything was fine, and then 7 years of hell. The day when we weren’t fighting, we were laughing. Our child was born, I’d have never left the family. I thought we were all going to perebora.

About the post with accusations of treason

– I didn’t get blamed for anything. I wrote this post (“With women there is no demand”). This post was addressed to her type with her now. When I found out about it, the year we lived together, but I kept it all, I told her a Porsche, it’s okay dude, and then tell me people are strangers. I believed in her angelic motion, and he was always wrong, went out of the house to satisfy in the pussy some pain. It’s my weakness 100%, I don’t. When I found out I had a condition suicide. I had to write, otherwise I would be p*zdets.

This type, with whom we played football, this guy was with me in the same company. I had just guy stuff to put him directed by a knife in the heart. This body is not just it, he is still living with her with my son. My head is a coward. He wrote to me: “You hit her? Own fault”. What is your business in our relationship.

“You hit her?”

– Of course not. Again, Quest Pistols “Forget” where she played a major role. Watching all this work. It’s my life, it’s all there. How not to shoot, but to fight. I angel’t believe the feelings that Christina and I were hard in our lives was drugs. They ruin relationships, the psyche. What it was, realized we were fighting. I refused this interview just first.

Basta lured a group of “Nerves”

– Remember that’s calling, let’s “Wings” song with small will do, I like them. Come in Gazgolder (Basta label), shake hands. It takes time and calls me Basta: I am in Kiev. I thought it is necessary to remove the clip. Sit, and the guy says: “I signed your band.” He knew I was a producer, he knew.


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