Bandits who shot mafiosi Benny Shlomo arrested

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 Gangsters who shot mafia Beni Shlomo arrested

Gangsters who shot mafiosi Benny Shlomo arrested

After several hours of chase: 4 suspects were arrested for participating in the liquidation of Benny Shlomo.

The suspects, residents of the center in their 20s, belong to the Jerusha crime family.

The four managed to escape the scene of the crime after they shot and killed mobster Benny Shlomo at a gas station near Azor. Three of them were arrested in the Gedera area – they were in a car, and another suspect was detained at Ben Gurion Airport.

Four, residents of the center in their 20s, managed to flee the scene after car robbery at Holon Junction.

The suspects have been taken to the Lachish District Attorney's office and will be questioned on suspicion of murder.

Shlomo, one of the main targets of the police, was killed in the middle of the day on October 3 by gunshots at a gas station on the Shiva road near Azor – despite heavy security and despite a warning from the police. A man from his organization who was with him was seriously injured. Shlomo was in conflict with a fairly large number of criminal organizations in the center and south of Israel. He knew he was being hunted and therefore went under heavy guard. Despite all caution, the enemies eventually overtook him when he was liquidated in broad daylight at a crowded gas station.

delayed. He lived in Turkey for a long time and returned to Israel a few days ago. He was scheduled to fly to Madrid tonight, but received a phone call about a business meeting to be held at a gas station in the area. The Lachish Central Police Department is investigating whether this meeting was a trap.

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