Bandits learn from terrorists. Kamikaze drone can attack an elite skyscraper

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 Bandits learn from terrorists. A kamikaze drone can attack an elite skyscraper

The Mako portal reports that over the past year, the kamikaze drone industry has been developing among the criminal organizations of Israel. According to information obtained by Mako, criminals in Israel currently have between 10 and 15 explosive drones, in addition to several dozen drones used to spy on police forces and their rivals.

Two days ago it was recorded an unusual incident in which police reported a drone attached to an unidentified object believed to be an explosive device at the entrance to a house in Hadera.

The Hadera incident was the latest in a string of incidents in which criminals used drones against their opponents. Police suspect that a drone with explosives exploded on the border of Bat Yam a few weeks ago. The target was members of a local crime family. Due to a malfunction, the drone exploded in the air. Residents heard a loud explosion that shook the area. Numerous police forces, including sappers, rushed to the scene, but found nothing.

Last August, a drone allegedly exploded at the headquarters of one of the criminal organizations in the north of the country. The leader of the criminal organization, who was returning home at that moment, was not injured. One of his bandits was slightly injured. The drone shattered into pieces. Two suspects in its launch were arrested for several days. The police had a hard time proving they were involved with the drone and they were released for lack of evidence.

R., an expert on kamikaze drones, explains that activating a dangerous weapon is not easy, so criminal organizations and criminals rarely use it and activate it only on rare occasions. “A ready-to-use drone with all explosives and working mechanisms can cost anywhere from 150,000 shekels to a quarter of a million shekels. This is a very expensive business. It is just starting to develop. There are very few people who understand the field of kamikaze drones,” says R. “For every drone I made, I received 150,000 shekels. It depends on what type you need and how many explosive devices you install on it. I smuggled some drones from abroad to Israel.”

R: “About six months ago, I was offered to activate a drone with explosives and blow it up when the head of a very well-known criminal organization was on his balcony in a luxurious tower in Tel Aviv, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee with a few of his close friends. His opponents were leaked information from one of his accomplices. They asked me to launch a drone into the air and blow it up, but I refused. It was from a distance of two kilometers. There was a certain possibility that I would be caught after switching on. They offered me half a million in cash in a suitcase, but I refused. For me, it wasn't worth it to get caught and serve a life sentence. I am very careful. When drones are misused, they explode farther in the air or miss their target. If you are not a professional, there is no chance that the drone will commit a contract killing.

R lives in one of the settlements in the center of the country. He was an entrepreneur, the inventor of successful patents, had accumulated quite a lot of money over the years, and in his spare time decided to take up kamikaze drones. He has already managed to produce eight of these drones.

“Look what is happening in the elite buildings in Tel Aviv. They plant explosive devices, shoot at buildings, the next step is to launch an explosive drone. Criminal organizations in Israel are learning from terrorist organizations in Gaza and Lebanon,” added R.

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