“Bagrut” on humanitarian subjects: appeal of the Ministry of Education for an optimal certification system

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Education Minister Yoav Kish, Minister at the Ministry of Education Chaim Biton and General Director of the Ministry of Education Asaf Tsalal are addressing the public to find out their opinion on the attestation in humanitarian subjects for “bagrut”.< br />
In continuation of the decision of the Minister of Education, MK Yoav Kish to cancel the “MAHAR reform” regarding the matriculation exams in compulsory liberal arts, the Ministry of Education opened a platform for online consultations with high school principals, humanities teachers , parents and students in order to form an optimal system of assessment in the humanities.

Along with online consultation, the department will also consult with organizations involved in educational activities.

Below is a link to the platform of the Ministry of Education, where you can leave your opinion on attestation in the humanities: https://shituf.education.gov.il/#/homepage. The consultations will continue for a few more days.

A screenshot of the platform of the Ministry of Education is attached to the press release

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