Bad signs: what signs warn us about the failure

Our ancestors have accumulated a lot of interpretations of bad omens, which help to avoid failure.

Погані прикмети: які знаки попереджають нас про невдачу

Not all the troubles random. Often, Fate is sending us a warning. Our ancestors have accumulated a lot of interpretations of bad omens, which help to avoid failure, reports Rus.Media.

Omens and superstitions have come down to us from our ancestors. Life experience, observation and a close connection with nature helped them to correctly interpret the signs of Destiny. National signs can promise happiness, and can warn of possible negative events. Use this knowledge to benefit yourself and those around you loved ones.

A butterfly or a bird in the house

If an open window or door flew a moth, it is a harbinger of the imminent illness of someone from the household, exacerbation of the disease retreated, and even the sad outcome. Insect catch should with banks or other vessel and to move away from home.

According to the sign, a bird got into the dwelling, is the soul of a deceased person and warns the family about who would get into trouble. They should put a candle for the repose in the Church and visit the grave to say thank you for the warning and to ask for help and protection.

Refunds and forgotten things

When people are hurried and left the house, forgetting the right thing, a sign warns that the path will have difficulties. It can be an unwanted meeting, delayed transport, and trouble at work. Take the forgotten thing and look in the mirror “on track”, showing the reflection of the Fig, or language.

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Congratulations in advance

If you forget and congratulated the Day of birth of the person in advance, that spelled trouble not only the birthday but also to you. It is believed that you are interfering in the course of Destiny. This sign is associated with the fact that nobody knows your life and the time allotted to us on this earth. So your mistake can lead to illness and difficulties. After this unfortunate mistake is to pray for the health of the birthday.

Frozen watch

If the watch does not go on your hand, keep track of your finances and try not to spend money on this day. Also, do not give in debt can be difficult in monetary terms, but also in a relationship with a man that asked you for the necessary amount. In such cases, you should use money talismans.

The clocks stopped in the house to trouble. Trouble associated with a clock can mean that your time is complete and everything you don’t have time to do, it will be given to you. Keep track of your devices which show time, and don’t let them stop.

Donated by sharp objects

If you have been given knives or forks, it portends a lot of conflicts and quarrels in the future. In order to get rid of the negativity coming, wrap the sharp edges with a soft cloth and hide items for a while.

Whining and howling dog

Long-drawn howl of a dog who moves into frightened yelps and pokalyvanie, our ancestors believed to be a close forerunner of death. If the house in which the howling dog, there are seriously ill people, relatives of mentally prepared for the worst.

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Cawing crows

If your window a crow flew in and began to croak, expect trouble. You must get rid of the bird with the words “pax, pax” and be sure to pray for protection. Crows croaking at the window of a sick person, portend a long recovery and wellbeing.

Broken wheel

Before, if a cart broke a wheel, the people chose to cancel the trip. This sign warned of the difficulties in the road and the failure of planned activities. If you are in such a situation, try to revise their plans and refrain from the plan. Otherwise, the use of amulets and talismans, bringing good luck.

Broken mirror

Perhaps one of the most common will next to the spilled salt. Breaking a mirror portends trouble, serious conflicts, divorce, and serious illness. Need sweep up the pieces and not look at them. Put them in an opaque bag and gently toss.

Waste of bread

If you accidentally threw or dropped the bread — it promises poverty and lack of money. Our ancestors were committed to the products, they are all the result of hard work. Fell bread to make, shake and feed it to the birds, to translate good.

Things inside

This sign is threatened by serious conflicts and even physical abuse. Carelessness and neglect — the signs of absent-minded and ignorant person. So if you hurry and put the wrong thing, change your clothes and you will wear the inner side of the pin. It will save you from possible trouble.

Try to avoid negative emotions and make it a rule to see the positive side of events. Fate gives us what we would not have coped. Overcome the difficulties, they harden and make us stronger.

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