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Babylon 5 sci-fi series gets a reboot – Sound and Vision – .Geeks

The sci-fi series Babylon 5 is rebooted with the original creator at the helm. The show became a big hit in the 1990s, but partly due to problems with production company Warner Bros. for a long time it looked like there would be no reboot.

Warner Bros. mentions the new show towards The Verge a “built from the ground up” reboot in which John Sheridan is assigned to the Babylon 5 space station, a center for traffickers, smugglers, explorers and diplomats, during a tumultuous period when the potential for intergalactic war is just around the corner. At some point, a battle with an advanced civilization erupts and the crew of Babylon 5 must save the human race from destruction.

In America, the series should be shown on the television network The CW. It is not officially broadcast in Europe, so where and whether we can see the series remains to be seen. It is also not yet known when the series will appear in America, but the creator of the show, J. Michael Straczynski, says he is currently busy writing the pilot.

What was unique about the original series was that it used CGI for the spaceships and characters, something that was a rarity at the time, especially in TV series. The fact that all five seasons were planned in advance also set the series apart from the rest. At that time, the plot was determined in shows per season, but Babylon 5 was supposed to run for five years from day one. Whether the reboot is structured in the same way is not mentioned in the announcement.

Straczynski wanted to do more with the franchise years ago, but According to him wild Warner Bros. have nothing to do with the series for a long time. The station on which the original series aired, PTEN, was run by two companies: Warner Bros. and Chris Craft Industries. However, both companies also started their own channels during the term of Babylon 5 and thus became each other’s direct competitors.

At some point, the companies decided not to make new series together and PTEN existed for a while only to finish the current series, including Babylon 5. Apparently the top executives of Warner Bros. all these years of resentment towards the series of PTEN, but it has now been decided to let that go.

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