Baba Sali festivities: believers break through police barriers

Baba Sali festivities: believers broke through police barriers

After the police issued an order banning the Baba Sali celebrations in Netivot, several thousand believers gathered in the city – about half of the usual number for this event.

Some of the participants broke through the police barriers. 12 people were detained on suspicion of disturbing public order and fighting with the police.

The police issued a statement saying: & ldquo; Videos shared on social media have been taken out of context. There was no breakthrough of the barriers. ”

Unlike in previous years, the entrance to the celebrations was limited to 7 minutes, candles were not allowed and a fair was not organized. They also banned access to the grave of Rabbi Israel Abukhatsir.

Those who came to the holiday were required to have a green passport, negative test results for coronavirus and a mandatory face mask.

Police feared a repetition of the disaster on Mount Meron. The event was guarded by hundreds of police officers.

Police banned the festivities last week, but surrendered amid public outrage and announced that the event would be held subject to strict restrictions.

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