Award-winning new spirits brand sets new standards

 Award-winning new spirit brand sets new standards

The THINKERS Jerusalem distillery presented its products this week, and even before the official presentation, it has already won prestigious international prizes in the field of spirits.

 Award-winning new spirit brand sets new standards

THINKERS Distillery was founded with the goal of redefining every aspect of the alcoholic beverage industry and bringing the latest and greatest knowledge in science, technology, design and marketing, not only to create the best product in its category, but also to provide the consumer with the best sensations in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The THINKERS Distillery calls for a process of re-exploring, re-creating and going beyond the existing – FURTHERING, a direction in which the company works tirelessly, applying every possible means to achieve results that exceed the current standard in the super premium alcoholic beverages category and set a new one: “Furthered”.

Concept Furthering – to take what exists and go beyond it, expand its horizons to create something better, is not new. In various areas, companies such as Apple are breaking into the market. and Tesla, which are raising the standard of consumer experience while incorporating the most advanced knowledge into the manufacturing process to bring to market products that bring the consumer far more than what they have received from similar products before.

 Award-winning new spirit brand sets new standards

< br />Now THINKERS is bringing the Furthering philosophy to the spirits industry, and the company's efforts in this direction have already been marked by unprecedented global recognition. THINKERS FURTHERED 40/60 VODKA won the Double Gold medal in the international spirits competition in San Francisco, the Double Gold medal in the international competition of strong alcoholic drinks SIP AWARDS, as well as the “Innovation of the Year” prizes. and Doble Gold in the bottle design category. Like vodka, JERUSALEM DRY GIN won prestigious awards: a platinum medal in the SIP AWARDS international spirits competition, a silver medal in the San Francisco international spirits competition and the Global Challenge international spirits competition. JERUSALEM DRY also won a Top Platinum in the Bottle Design category.

 Award-winning new spirit brand sets new standards

The distillery, which even before the presentation to the public, has won many awards and medals at the leading alcohol competitions around the world, and has taken its rightful place among the elite alcohol brands, is a leader in its field and integrates the achievements of science and technology into its products.

While creating alcoholic beverages, THINKERS distillery specialists have come up with and designed technological tools that contribute to the FURTHERING process in the production of the company's products.

Designed in Israel by THINKERS employees and built in Germany, the THINKERS distillery distillation tank operates with the most advanced technology currently available in the world in this field. A technology invented by the THINKERS distillery makes it possible to remove all unnecessary forms of alcohol from spirits.

 Award-winning new spirits brand sets new standards

Unwanted forms of alcohol, known as — congeners, even at the lowest levels, affect the taste of the product and its quality in terms of health. As a result of applying the knowledge available to the company, its spirits contain the least amount of congeners than any other spirits available in the world.

THINKERS also designed and manufactured a completely new filtration system that works in a completely different way than any other filtration system that has come before it.

Because of this, our filtration system actually enhances and enhances the natural taste of an alcoholic beverage, rather than neutralizing it.

Most vodkas are refined in the most brutal manner for their personality and flavor, and sugar and citric acid are even added to the final product to replace what was removed in the original process. The Thinkers Filtration System extracts natural aromas and flavors from selected quality grains to produce a more natural, richer and more delicious vodka.

If we go even further, any hard alcoholic beverage is about 60% water, and most alcoholic beverage industries choose water in the same way – taste. We at THINKERS understand that – not the right criteria for choosing the water to be mixed with the distillate. The correct criterion is, perhaps, the most difficult quality — “feeling in the mouth.” To create the perfect mouthfeel from Jerusalem air water, THINKERS worked closely with the scientists and engineers at WATERGEN in Israel.

 Award-winning new spirit brand sets new standards

< br /> All of the above are just selected examples of the Furthering Process technologies that THINKERS uses in its production.

To pay tribute to the Furthering philosophy and process, THINKERS distillery also designed the vodka bottle, highlighting the best innovations in history that have also set new standards over the years in the areas of life, love, peace and music. The discoveries marked on the bottle include the discovery of electricity, the solar system, DNA, the invention of the light bulb, the foundations of quantum physics, and even the ten spheres of Kabbalah, the cornerstone of metaphysics in Judaism.

THINKERS Distillery, located in our capital and Jerusalem, opens its doors to the general public this week and begins selling its quality and elegant designer spirits. Distillery THINKERS — the first company in the spirits industry to sell its brands directly to consumers only through the Internet and through direct internal distribution, so that the end consumer can purchase the product without an intermediary. The order can be placed on the site and the courier will deliver the purchase within 48 hours to the customer's home to ensure the best service and personal attitude. Also on the site will be available exclusive accessories from the world of mixology from COCKTAIL KINGDOM to create the perfect drink design at home. Of course, you can also enjoy THINKERS at select top bars, restaurants and hotels in the country.

 Award-winning new spirit brand sets new standards

The distillery has an excursion center for visitors, which offers educational excursions into the world of the production of alcoholic beverages and their history, acquaintance with the production capabilities of the distillery, tasting of the leading products: vodka, gin, and in the future other drinks. Guests of the distillery are also treated to cocktails based on alcoholic beverages produced by THINKERS, accompanied by the best delicacies of the famous Mahane Yehuda market. Tours are chargeable and require prior arrangement.

THINKERS Distillery Brands:

THINKERSFURTHURED40/60VODKA– winner of a double gold medal in 2021 in the international competition San Francisco Spirits Competition2021. Vodka 40/60 does not sacrifice its taste to achieve its exceptional smoothness. This is a new standard compared to existing and future vodka brands. The name 40/60 vodka reflects not only the meaning of a delicious and elegant alcoholic drink made from red velvet winter wheat grown in the Champagne region of France (40%), but also the purest water that we extract from the Jerusalem air (60%). Both of these components create a uniquely smooth and streamlined mouthfeel. An exceptional bottle, unique in its beauty, reflecting the philosophy of the – perfect for 40/60 vodka. Vodka has a silky taste with sweet and delicate notes. 1000 ml, retail price NIS 149

 Award-winning new spirit brand sets new standards

< br /> THINKERS FURTHURED JERUSALEM DRY GIN– winner of a platinum medal in the international competition of spirits SIP AWARDS. The gin is distilled from red sweet English winter wheat and flavored with 8 botanicals handpicked from the natural environment. In the process of making gin, the purest water, extracted from the Jerusalem air, is mixed, giving softness, tenderness and velvety. Contains 42% alcohol. 700 ml, consumer price NIS 165

 New alcohol brand Award-Winning Sets New Standards

THINKERSFURTHUREDISRAELISUNSETGIN– fruity spring gin distilled from red sweet English winter wheat and flavored with 9 hand-picked botanicals such as rose petals and red fruits. Gin has a full floral aroma, a palette of flavors of pink grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange and strawberry. In the process of making gin, the purest water, extracted from the Jerusalem air, is mixed, giving softness, tenderness and velvety. Contains 40% alcohol. 700 ml, retail price NIS 185

 New alcohol brand award-winning wine sets new standards

For more information, please contact the distillery: 88 Agrippas Street, Jerusalem, 02-620-5550

Orders can be made on the website:



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