Avian influenza outbreak in Argentina

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 Bird flu outbreak in Argentina

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Argentina confirmed two new cases of avian flu in wild ducks on Saturday, three days after the first bird flu cases were reported in South America, Reuters writes.

“We found a second case in two wild ducks found dead in the province of Córdoba”, — Argentina's National Service for Health and Agri-Food Quality announced on Twitter.

Argentina together with Uruguay — two important international agricultural producers — a state of emergency was declared this week over the first cases reported last Wednesday.

Officials from both countries said they have stepped up controls at their borders and within the country.

Bird flu first became endemic among some wild birds, which transmit the virus to poultry, experts say.

The virus has triggered import bans in some countries and pushed egg prices to record highs in some parts of the world.

Several countries in South America, including Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela, have already detected cases of avian influenza in their territories.

Brazil, the world's largest exporter of chicken meat, has not has reported cases but is on high alert to take emergency measures to counter the spread of the infection.

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