Average penis size has increased by 24% over the past three decades

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 Average penis size has increased by 24% over the past three decades< /p>

The average length of the male penis has increased by 24% since 1992. This is according to a study published in the World Journal of Men's Health.

Led by Michael Eisenberg, MD, who works at the Stanford University School of Medicine, a team of scientists conducted a study to find key answers: Is the average penis size increasing? And if so, what causes it?

Over a long period of time, more than 75 studies have been conducted, during which measurements of erect penises were collected from more than 55,000 men across around the world.

Using their knowledge gained during their work as a professor of urology, as well as practicing medicine as a specialist in male fertility and sexual function, Dr. Eisenberg's team made the following conclusions: controlled data for each region (region analysis, subject age and surrounding population) showed that the average penis length has increased by 24% over the past 29 years.

According to Scope, a blog run by Stanford University medical programs, Eisenberg sees this as cause for concern.

“If we see such a rapid change, it means that something powerful is happening to our body. We must try to confirm these findings, and if they are confirmed, we must determine the cause of these changes,” Eisenberg added.

Researchers believe that the rapid growth is caused by chemical exposure to pesticides and even hygiene products, which may have a greater effect on genetic hormones.

“These endocrine-disrupting chemicals — there are many — exist in the environment and in our diet. As we change the constitution of our body, this also affects our hormonal environment. Chemical exposure is also believed to cause earlier puberty in boys and girls, which can affect the development of the genitals, — Eisenberg said.

The next steps, Eisenberg said, will require studying patterns in women's and children's reproductive health systems.

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